Connecting ... Joining world. Please wait


I’m trying to connect to my own world and I just get the message “Connecting … Joining world. Please wait”. It’s been like that for hours! Can anyone help?


Could it be your internet connection if so why don’t you just reboot your internet router thing


Maybe your internet connection is bad? Try /stop in the owner portal, or turn off your device for a second. That’s what I would try.


No internet is fine. I can join other worlds. Just not this one


Could be the hosts problem?


How do i reboot my world?


I have the same problem!!! I can’t connect my cloud server called Valentines Day. Also my internet is fine and mine is updated the lastest. Please help find the solution.

P.s I went on my owner’s portal on the internet and my server is loading(starting…) so I can’t find the restart button or reboot,… maybe you can do screenshots steps.


@ZackPassey is likely having the same probelm as you Scarlet. I see it occasionally. If you have never used the owner portal before, Zack, then it’s very difficult to get to it outside of the game. But it’'s probably stuck in a “Loading” state.

Send a Private Message to Milla and she can kick it back into action.


Thanks jemnidad you have been very helpful :grinning:
I have sent a message to Milla. I have been to the owner portal and it says my server called ‘Nice Country’ is ‘starting…’.
How long do you think it will take for Milla to kick it back into action?


Does anyone know how long until Milla will kick my server back into action?It will be really helpful if you tell me.



I live in Australia will it still be Monday?


Since she doesn’t work weekends it will probably be Monday, but New Zealand time which is Sunday for the US.

Also, if you want to add something to a post you just made, it’s preferred to use the edit button (pencil icon) rather than double posting. :slight_smile:


This is just a random question about your servers, jemnidad. which server do you like best and what is your name in BlockHeads and is your world Rabbithole out of credit?



If you want to talk, please do it in a PM.


I think it’s ok Epic, it’s his own thread.

My favorite of my own servers is Skylands Arena, my handcar sports server, because I’m a handcar nut. I’m usually Jemni in most servers with Rabbithole being the one exception. Rabbithole does happen to be out of credit because nobody ever plays there and on there I am Mad Hatter.

And, yes, Milla won’t likely respond before your Monday.


Hi jemnidad and Sunnyperson

Sunnyperson have you ever been to NICE COUNTRY in BlockHeads?


Oh I thought you had joined my world and asked me to go to your world.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you can’t join the world right now it won’t work


Sorry. I have flu. I’m really unwell, and only working part days, so I’ve not been completing daily tasks. I’ve kicked this world now. It should be back in action.


Awesome! Thanks Milla! I hope you get better soon! :grinning:


I hope you are doing just fine! Thank you if you kick in my Server or something!


Hey @milla, I’m having the same problem with my server “vaeyilion”. Can you help me?