Connection Error thing

Hello guys, so uh i have been playing on the blockheads and when i tried to join the server im playing on. It said this “Connection Error” im on the latest version of the game and fine internet connection. Can someone help me please? Ive tried everything. Reinstalling the app and i lost my worlds. I tried it on another device it worked


How long did you wait when trying to connect to a server?

What kind of device are you using?

iPad Mini 1st Generation 9.3.5. When i was gonna log off in the server im playing cause im gonna eat and i came back it said “Connection Error”

(edit: it happend today)

Is your iPad mini on the latest version of iOS?

I said 9.3.5.

Yeah, iOS 9.3.5 is the latest version of iOS that can run on your iPad mini.

Unfortunately, the connection error probably has to do with the fact that the 1st generation iPad mini has been unsupported for a long time and is stuck on an outdated version of iOS. It’s a very old device.

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Oh, thanks.


Are you signed into Game Center?

Yes. It didnt save also when i go to Game Center, it dosent show the games im playing

I was logging on to BH and it made the screen of “make sure you have the updated version and good connection” you know the screen. So I waited a day and here I am still not working. So I restarted my iPad and my other WiFi games work fine. I turned on and off my WiFi. Any suggestions or techniques you guys use?


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I got the same issue too, but i deleted the app and i lost my world. I do not suggest that u reinstall the app.


Oh no…

Found this from the famous and skilled bibliophile in guides, you all might wanna try it

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I also am having the same issue I would suggest contacting Milla and seeing if she knows any other ways.

Yes my iPad is quite old. For reference it can’t run Minecraft PE. Also whenever I leave an online server the game crashes and I have to open the app again. In game it works okay and I sometimes have connection issues especially when typing. My game freezes most often when I am typing a chat.

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It looks like this is an issue that specifically affects devices that can only run an unsupported version of iOS at the latest.

It looks like we all got the same issue lol


Is this issue permanent. I would rather just use my iPad mini than my phone