Contact with authorities



As of now, the only way to get into contact with mod/admin/owner is to wait for them to come on and then say what has happened or hope they have a discord server, I hope that there would be a notification for the owner. They say “reporting” is for serious problems. But it’s too late after the hacker slashed you down has all your stuff and leaves. This would send them a notification through their device saying that server needs your help with a general idea of what happened, maybe senario buttons or so and so. Such as report (lists names) for (offenses) EX:hacking rule breaking etc etc. owner could join and then ban or kick them for it. There could be time limits for people to stop spamming it.


This isn’t really true anymore. Although it says so, it now goes to the owner of the world, so it doesn’t really matter unless they make it clear.


For “reporting” you need to be aware of the owner portal and check it to see the reports. Not a great system. But if a hacker slashes you down, gets all your stuff and leaves, then the damage is already done. The best that the owner can do is ban the player.

In the short term, the discord server idea is pretty popular and I would look for servers that offer that as a way to contact the owner and staff.


Report, leave, and if the server has a discord server, @ the administrators and moderators
That’s what I would do.


@jemnidad the idea is that reporting can take so long for the owner to get on to see it, if they do, while the button would be made that they see the report via notification
@WumboJumbo they say so but it simply never works, ive saw more issues than upsides with it. As I’ve saw discord Is a good idea, and i agree but leaving anyone bad alone in a server is a near instant problem
@DOG_LOVER what if they don’t, not everyone has discord and that’s the final issue, the server I mostly play on (doge mainland) I’m admin, when issues are brought up I tell them to join the discord or wait for the owner. Reporting is useless.


That is true, and copying the person’s name wouldnt work because of hidden characters such as “‰”


If a hacker causes major damage to your server, the owner can always resort to rollbacking their server to before being griefed. Of course, all progress made before the date set to rollback to, will be lost