Contacting Me


If you need support the link to email is found in the SUPPORT section of the HELP/CREDITS screen, accessed from the pause menu. Your support ID is also located there, and should not be shared with anyone but Majic Jungle or Noodlecake Studios support personnel.


For Apple support, rollbacks and account mergers and the like for both Android and Apple, and forums support, forums users may contact me via the PM system of this board. Ooooh! Yes, I have finally turned the forums into an official support channel. There has to be some kind of privilege for the dedicated community members, right? PM me with your support ID and all the details of the problem or request and I will get back to you next time I’m on This may or may not be within 24 hours during weekends, but should be within 24 hours during the week.

**If a player is too young to have their own email address their parent or guardian should be contacting us. Not another player. That is LAW. I will not break the law for the convenience of a player. **

**If a player is old enough to have an email address they may email me themselves, or not, or PM me or not. The not means no support. **

Just to make this very clear, I will not support a player via another player, unless the second player is their parent or guardian.

**Please do not post intact email addresses in the forums. **

The week is defined as Monday to Friday 7 AM to 1 PM NZT, That is UTC +12 hrs, except during DLS, such as now, when it is UTC +13 hrs.

During the weekend I generally do not check the support queue at all, but I generally check the forums, and my private messages, at least once, so that is the quicker way to get help if your case is urgent.


TC pirating fixed?
2020 - Won't start?!
Hackers still exist in 1.7!
Can rollback requests be handled via PM?

Alright, thank you! :smiley:


I sent you a PM before I saw this.


Yeah, so did I! But then I sent her an email. Remember to make it clear that it’s you from the forums, as I’m pretty sure that most of your email addresses are quite different from your usernames. :wink:


I messaged you as a test, it was Hi lo (Hello and hi), Milla! -Piney Pegasus
Did you get it? Or did I send to wring address?


I sent you a PM about a duping glitch I found before I saw this. Should I email it to you?


Yes please :slight_smile:


Got 5 way to duplicate so far


I’m just wanting to reiterate, for all those who are still PMing me, as their first resort, EMAIL ME! :slight_smile:

I’m still getting high volumes of PMs, and considering disabling my inbox to put a stop to it.

Why is there a padlock sign on Off-topic?

Milla one of them is sending a screenshot of my google wallet.
Also i cant see my support id because its now like server welcome messages,
Android cant see them.


Thanks. I’ll find that!


So milla have you found it yet?


No. I haven’t looked. As I have posted previously, PMs get my attention LAST. Email is prioritised. I will get to your message at some stage, or, even better, you could email me what it says, and have it dealt with today :slight_smile:


Can you pm me the email address? When i click on the support button on the forums it sends me to the blockheads app with the internet ip as the server ip.


If you look at the first post of this thread you will find both my addresses. You should, in this case, email support at


Well i have the screenshot on my phone (which im using right now) and it says support is not available on mobile. Can you pm me the email adress?


Email support at It doesn’t matter if that’s from a mobile or a computer. It will still get to me.


hi milla its me HAHAIMLAST from sam boyer world and i would like u to merge my 2 accounts plz my original IGN:HAHAIMLAST new IGN:HAHAIMLAST2


Email, please. Support at the blockheads dot net with your support ID from the credits/help screen.


I cant see my server I D