Contacting Me


I always celebrate when I get a PM. They are so rare

renwO (revreS) tfarckcolB


I have two accounts, but I didn’t know it was against the rules, do I email support or you?


Support is me. Mail support and I will sort it out for you.

I have now disabled PMs on my account, because people are ignoring my signature.


Should we email support for forum related stuff too, or just game problems?


Forum stuff too - anything to do with this community, be it the game, the cloud, the forum, the FB page, or anything else I look after :slight_smile:


oops i didnt see that before sending you an email.

anyways can you check your personal email(:p)? i sent you something rather important there that id like you to check sooner than later…


I’ve updated the OP for this thread. Those of you emailing me for forums support please make a point of re-reading the OP before you contact me again!


My PMs are now disabled again. I had it enabled so the multiple account detector could PM me when it detected a new case, but it’s now disabled again because people keep PMing me.

This is pretty basic stuff. I have it in every post I make as part of my signature. DO NOT PM ME.


Hello, I recently emailed support about my server world not loading (few hours ago, email started with god_love_faith**) and i got an email saying it was received but i wanted to know if its been read yet, because i would really like it to be taken care of.
Thanks, God bless.


My email account is broken. I would have no way of contacting you other than PM


No. I normally attack the support queue late morning NZT. Right now it’s mid-morning.


Make a new email? There are even those junk email account sites where you create a “fake” email account on the spot and can still access the emails sent to it. No sign up needed for some, the account gets created when mail is sent to it. If you’re interested you can PM me and I’ll link you.



I would just like to repeat that you should contact me at the support address about anything that isn’t personal business between you and me. [U]Asking me to make changes to your world or forums account, or investigate anything to do with the forums or the game is considered SUPPORT.[/U]


On problem is that I never email people I don’t know irl, but I have no issues ATM.


In that case if you need help, please ask a parent to email me about it with all the details, and that way I can assist you through them.


@milla if I need to talk to u about blockheads and it’s not support who do I email?


Email milla @


Actually, I’d say that because of this:

and since you (Geoffrey) said it’s about Blockheads, that’s probably where it goes…


Whoops, didn’t see that part. Yes, do what Erick says.


If you need to talk to me about The Blockheads it is support, even if you don’t have a technical problem. Please email support.