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Milla plss help me i accidently uninstalled my blockheads when i reinstalled it i cant join to my server because it says nickname/alias already taken plsss help me
Heres my SuppID and old username ID:[redcted] Nickname:MunchingProtato


Hey there!!

Please contact theblockheads(a) [make (a) ‘@’].
Never share your support Id. Otherwise people might steal your whole blockheads account.


I did but how long it will take to retrieve my nickname?

Oh thanks bro

  1. Please don’t double post, instead, use the edit button.
  2. Based on other peoples’ posts, probably around 1 week.
  3. @lorin, you might want to remove that quote because you’ve just quoted his SID, so if he edits it out, it will still be in your post.


Ok, sorry! I’ll fix right away.


If Android pause the game and go to the help/credits screen. Near the top there is a link to email Android support. The email generated will include your current support ID, but you should also provide your old one, if you know it. If you’re an Apple user then email support at with your current and old SID and we’ll look into it for you.

If you do not know your old support ID you will need to provide in-game names from the old one, as well as the date you last connected using the old SID, to within a week.



Okay I’m new and all and I’m a techno dino so I must ask. What’s PM? And two does that mean email? Like really, your looking at a young person with an old person inside asking what happened.
And I must say, that’s an excellent saying. I must update my Skype status with that.


PM is private messaging.


Thanks! But wait, is that the same as emailing or it’s totally different thing?


Totally different. PMing is done through the forum client. When you click on someone’s name, you’ll see a little envelope with the words “Private Message” next to it. Click that to send a PM to that person. There should also be a link marked “Private Messages” near the top of the forum, next to “New Posts”. Last but not least, you can access your PM’s by clicking “Notifications”, then clicking “Inbox”. There’s also a way to access it from the “Settings” screen, should you feel so inclined. I hope this explanation was of use to you. Welcome to the forums! Please enjoy your stay.


Thanks mate! Appreciate it.


Ok um my iPad reset and I lost all my stuff on my blockheads I tried using my same username Google etc but it said that my blockheads name was already taken please help my username is
Davids oou


Uh, what do u mean u wont be responding to Hacker reports, there was someone on my server who said he could call a hacker squad to cloud ban me, if they ban me and get away with it cause of that rule than trust me,i will be forced to ditch the game


Take a screenshot of their names. I highly doubt they can actually do that. If they do, however, then you can email support and get it fixed out.
Probably about 499/500 of those are lying. Some person said they would cloud ban me. I’m still here.


Unless I need more information there will be no response back to the reporter. I will investigate, if appropriate I will send a warning to the person accused, and if not I won’t do anything. If I get further complaints about the same person from different players I will proceed further. You won’t hear from me unless I need to know more though.

If someone manages to cloud ban you I will be very surprised, but you would be unbanned as soon as I found out about it in the unlikely event it happens :slight_smile:


I have a problem and I have stated it in the other page. It’s about my login in into my server will u resolve it for me. I explained the situation of what happened, and I appreciate if u can help me get me back to my world. I have worked hard on them, now I can’t log into them. My name is tawfik123 to log into my server. But now when I try to log in it says that name /alleys is already taken. Plz help


This thread isn’t for requesting support.

Are you an Apple or Android user?

If you’re an Android user please pause the game, tap HELP/CREDITS, and click the email support link near the top of the screen. They will assist you.

If you’re an Apple user please email support at with your current support ID (found at the bottom of the HELP/CREDITS screen), and your old one if you have it. If you don’t have it then please include your lostin-game name, and the date you last connected with that name, within a week.

None of this information should be posted to the forums, or shared publicly in any way, as it is used to identify your account, and as such is confidential information.


Just updated the first post with the details of how to get support. I’ve wiped a week off the support queue today, and plan to do so until the queue is in sane shape, but you guys get to queue jump anyway. The reward of being a really community-minded player is to get support on the spot!

What is milla email?

About to edit the OP with update on the support queue.


Hi Milla it’s Starlight my server Starlight Skys 2 is stuck in loading screen I’ve tried rebooting and /stop through owner portal can you give me a roll back or help in anyway even if it’s only three days for roll back.I can’t even get to screen to get my I’d number