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Yes, the chats are filled with nothing but filthy gutter talk of a pedo nature. That’s why I left the online game and only build offline now. The game is rotten with filthy adult players who pretend to be kids and chat filth and build obscene structures. It’s disgusting and abhorrent what this game has come to.


Unfortunately, that’s what happens when a game (or anything else for that matter) begins to wane. Reporting them to Milla is one of your only options.


I’m an admin in Trixies so I alerted the server owner of this thread. I figured it was a misunderstanding since I’ve not seen any bad behaviour from our players :slight_smile:

Honestly fair enough
lmao it got flagged for no reason

logs can’t show special characters, that username is the username in the original post

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Well, the original post no longer contains any of that information.

very epic