Controlling the Cloud Portal from your wrist

This is a small tip for anyone who got one of the Android Wear smartwatches (by how small the market is, I may be the only forumer and even then mine is coming tomorrow). You need:

[li]Wear Mini Browser[/li]
I’ll post some photos tomorrow but hopefully this will give access to the cloud portal from your watch-not entirely useful but seems like something from every spy movie existing :p. Especially when you’re investigating information through searching the logs.

I’m not entirely sure that it will work yet, but if you have one of these watches please post here on if it works or not. And I wouldn’t bet on live chat from the console working.

It may work on other smartwatches too but I haven’t ever been able to use one before now and as far as I know they don’t have a web browser app.

I was so close to buying one of those watches today. Let me know if they are worth the money please.

Wow, someone is getting a smart watch! That’s pretty cool. It would be amazing if this actually works.

I’m waiting for Apples rumored “iTime” smartwatch, which is almost surely to come out this fall! :smiley:

I just got it :slight_smile: I’ll post here if the cloud portal will work with pictures. It’s great so far Troy buy you have to have an android 4.3+ device, check at It’s a little tricky to type with the browser but I think you only need to log in once

The cloud portal, including the console, works

I know that this topic is almost seven years old, but I think I’m going to test this to see if it still works. I hope that’s allowed?

The “Wear Mini Browser” has many negative reviews. I don’t have my hopes up. Wish me luck! :crossed_fingers:

Also, this aged… well? :rofl:

The original version didn’t have a web browser haha

The 3rd version did though! Unfortunately I have the second version.

Are you referring to the Wear Mini Browser?

Too bad I don’t have a Samsung watch OwO

The Apple Watch

Oh, Safari actually works on that device?

Yeah I seen some people watch Netflix on their watch lol

Seeing this in 2021 is very weird :thinking:

Yes, but then again, such a phenomenon is nothing new. :lol: