Converting worlds!

Hi all,

it’s been a while since I last played this game but I have a few questions since coming back:

  1. Is it possible to convert an existing cloud world to a mac server or can it be run through the blockheads server app (avoid paying the fee)?
  2. And secondly, can an offline world be changed to a mac server or run through the blockheads server app?


Hello, welcome back to the forums! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, worlds cannot be ported between the cloud and the Mac server app/single player (as of yet).

You can, however, make a new Mac server for free by requesting a Free Mac Server from Wingy. See here for more info: Free Mac Servers

EDIT: It might be possible to transfer SPs to Mac servers, but cloud servers cannot be converted to SP/Mac servers. Sorry for the misinformation.

Can’t you at least save the SP world files through an encrypted backup and then send them to someone like Wingy to turn into a Mac Server, though? I could’ve sworn I read something about that at some point.

I think you actually might be right. Does that mean the vice versa is possible?

Taking a mac server and putting it in an offline saves directory works too. This was one of the options when BlockServer was shutting down.

I also can’t host single player worlds at this point, unfortunately. The blockheads server app works with them, but not the system I’ve developed around it.

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Well that’s disappointing…

So I am not currently able to change an offline world to a mac server or change an old cloud world to either a mac or offline?

You may potentially convert an SP world to a mac server, but you can only do so in certain circumstances. Wingy, for his part has probably spent countless hours creating a system to improve the experience of those who use his hosting service for servers, but these systems are incompatible with the world conversion.

To my knowledge, @Joe and @222oreo333 also host mac worlds but I don’t know if they’re still accepting requests.

As of yet, there’s no system to convert cloud worlds to mac or single-player versions, though I’d imagine you could potentially turn a mac world into a cloud world using a process similar to the Blockserver>Cloud conversion.

Mind you, I wasn’t here 4-6 years ago so I don’t if Blockserver was run on a mac or not. I’m also by no means an expert on the workings of computers, so you should likely dutifully ignore this post and wait for someone else to answer.

It was: