Cool cloud based streaming game

This is a pretty cool app that can play pretty cool games
Android download:

iPhone download: Go to

Requirements: IOS 14.3 and above
Instructions to install for IOS:
#1 add the website to your Home Screen
#2 you are now done!

There’s games like rocket league and much more

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You can use it to play Fortnite on Apple devices. :grinning:

Nah Fortnite isn’t there for some reason

Oh yeah, some games you need to pay so choose the free games
(You might need an account to play)

Here’s a short clip on me playing rocket league
(Don’t criticize me it’s my first game)

Can you play “Age of Empires” in Android with that app?
if you can’t play AoE it’s a no from me lol

I don’t think so
The games still cost money you either log into steam or your epic games account and it’ll know if you have it or not