Cool hidden pictures and files in blockheads

Blockheads alphabet:
All items:

Interesting files:

called arms_ct
Called banned painting
Random picture

More pictures are coming!


Where did you find all those images?

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The apk files for blockheads

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could access to the APK mean mods :thinking: with access to those textures we could make our own texture packs…

looks like cave troll arms

Access to the APK ≠ Access to the source code

You can still do texture mods

Wait, really?

you can use 7zip to extract APKs, if you edit the texture and then build the APK you have a texture mod

Is it easy?

I’m trying right now, turns out that if you extract it something gets messed up that wont let it build so I’m trying opening the archive instead of extracting it

It was complicated but I have created the first ever blockheads texture mod… I just scribbled over the TileMap.png

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How do you run it?

He probably repackaged the application. Regardless, I’d love to see an actual texture pack.

Maybe I should start that

Later I’ll do some more testing to see what works and what doesn’t and then I might make a guide

Yay could you share what you are using to edit the files? (not a link) and APKtool

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I don’t think it’s the correct link

the link for is is a program

Want to work together to make a texture pack?