Copy Worlds

The ability to copy your worlds with the same data on the world and same location of your character.

Like for example if you want to mess up your survival world for fun a little but you don’t wanna ruin it forever completely… you just copy it and convert the copied world to custom rules or do whatever you want with it but keeping the original safe. It can also be useful for training, for example you have a trapped cave troll and you want to transport it and you have that 1 in a million opportunity you don’t wanna ruin it (transporting cave trolls are kinda easy but just pretend).


I think it would lag a lot since worlds are huge


I feel like this would be a really nice thing, like if you want to see how long a desert is before you explore it further.

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Would it work on servers? Copy a server to a sp?

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Well I do like your consideration on the basis that copied worlds convert into a custom ruled world, that way there will be no exploitation with Portal Chests. (If that’s what you mean)


this can be done, just not in a simple way, i do like the idea of this being easier as to actually do this at all you’d need something to access mobile files from a computer, and you’d need to navigate to the game files on your device and copy and paste the world, it’s annoying

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You can currently migrate survival worlds to custom rules. I haven’t tried what happens to portal chests and TC blocks? Will it just disappear?

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Would you have to use a computer in order to gain access to the world file?

Turn to regular chests

Still there but if you mine then you get nothing

I am aware of that.

This works well on Mac worlds, just have to change the ID in the save and folder name.

What I mean is if it was added would it work on cloud servers because some aren’t meant to be copied

Are you talking about singleplayer, Mac-hosted, or cloud-hosted worlds?

Singleplayer, or basically your worlds (you can copy your cloud-hosted but it would be converted to a “singleplayer” as a different world).


The cloud-hosted worlds cost us to store, especially when active, so this would need to be an in-app purchase in the cloud, identical to those of maintaining credit on the world. On your device or Mac it would naturally just be down to the storage available on the device.

i should’ve mentioned this when i mentioned the mobile file editors, the ones i’m thinking of (i don’t believe i can say what), whether desktop applications that edit data from a plugged in mobile device or just mobile device editors on the device themselves are often highly unreliable

if you don’t know what you’re doing when using them, it could be disastrous, so I don’t even recommend using them, so unfortunately it can’t be done now otherwise, i do like this suggestion whether or not this is the case, but in fact you just don’t want to use these file editors, not unless you have some higher experience

By active, do you mean when at least one player is in the server?

Biggest issue I can see is some servers like maze servers it would give you a very big advantage if you could copy them to a sp world

No, I mean when not archived to our long term storage.

Oh, are worlds archived to long term storage when they run out of credit?