Corrupt a wish [game]


I got this game from here… :wink:

Anyways I’ll start up a few things.

How to play

Grant someone’s wish (by saying granted :p)

Then corrupt it, by making it go terribly wrong.

Then make a wish yourself

[U]If you don’t make a wish, then the corruption is automatically your pants/underwear fall in front of everyone. [/U]

I wish I could own the universe

Granted, but people throw you into jail.

I wish I could grief all of the worlds on the blockheads

Granted, but you end up getting banned from all of the worlds.

ETC… :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont forget to [U]WISH[/U]

Don’t go off topic

Please don’t be inappropriate

It doesn’t have to be blockhead related :wink:

Now… Time for the wish

I wish that the moon would explode

New game!
New game!

Granted but you were on the moon and you exploded to :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish Jeff the killer was a baby and was my cousin lmao


Granted, but he kills off you and your family.

I wish there was tnt in the blockheads.


Granted, but someone would use it to destroy everything you built.

I wish you could dye armor in The Blockheads


Granted, but you accidentally painted it a super-duper bright neon yellow that makes your screen break because of the brightness.

I wished I could eat the tulips I grow.


Granted, but you get poisoned and die.

I wish there were lightsabers in the blockheads.


Granted, but you were sticked in carbonite upon getting it.

I wish that Tumblr would stop being rude to me


Granted, but it is because he kills you and can’t be rude to you anymore.

I wish I could mind control squirrels.


Granted. But the neural wavelengths were wrong and caused them to attack you.

I wish I could do something useful here.


Granted, but everything you do turns into mist and floats away.

I wish I was rich and won the lottery


Granted. But all the taxes took away the money.

I wish there were mods for The Blockheads.


Granted, but you have to pay a trillion dollars to use one
I wish I could go to Hogwarts


Granted, but you get stranded there and you’re not magical. (You said GO TO Hogwarts, not be magical and learn there XD)

I wish I could drink some water.


Granted, but it contains tritium instead of protium.

I wish I could visit the lemon slice nebula.


Granted. But you forgot to bring enough propellant to get back.

I wish there was no lag.


Granted, but to avoid all lag, Dave deleted everything in the blockheads
I wish this wish got corrupted


Granted, but in the process of corrupting it, my brain exploded and now I don’t know how to make it go terribly wrong.

I wish it was lunchtime.


Granted, but you forgot your lunch!

I wish I was in Hawaii.


Granted but totems haunted you.

I wish I had 999.999 tc :smiley:


Granted, but since you exploited you were banned from the forums.
I wish that I had no wishes.