Corrupt a wish [game]

Granted, Rain now causes catastrophic Tsunami’s, which inadvertently cause floods.

I wish to be the lord of the Hippies.

Granted, but you go bankrupt because you have no income.

I wish for Portal 3.

granted, but its too laggy, so you its not enjoyable to play

i wish to be a wolf

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Granted, but you will suffer being a symbol of sodomy by the Furries (just like how Anubis became so).

I wish for a GTX 1030 (Strongest GPU that runs on my computer).

Granted, but you get the DDR4 one, not the GDDR5 one. You lose half of its performance (do be careful if you get one though, this is an actual thing).

I wish for a Nintendo Switch.

Granted, Majorly disgruntled Nintendo employees switch your limbs with oddly rusty metal spikes.

I wish for 5 U.S. Dollars with no direct or indirect negative consequences for anyone or anything or any organism excluding Kanye West.

Granted, but Kanye West also gets $5,000,000.

I wish for a gluten free cupcake.

Granted, unfortunately the cupcake was not Bubonic Plague free.

I wish that I had enough space for Blockheads on my phone without negative effects to anything or anyone, and an objective positive effect for everyone excluding Kanye West.

Granted, but the game becomes unplayable due to how less the frames per second are.

I wish for some Marble rocks.

Granted, you and everyone else gets marble rock marbles. Everyone comes to the surface to collect their tens of trillions of marbles; BUT, a catastrophic earthquake shakes the marbles into everyone’s throats and chokes the entirety of humanity as we know it to death (A few hit the ISS and the astronauts were sucked into the endless vacuum of space). So everyone’s dead, because of some marble rock marbles.

I wish blockheads servers cost 600 TC per week, with no changes to anything but that aspect of the game, excluding the single allowance that servers can carry 32 people.

I know this won’t go well, but I await eagerly.

Granted, the actual PHYSICAL servers cost 600 time crystals to run per week, unfortunately, time crystals in the real world dont exist, so the servers shut down immediately. As you said excluding the single allowance that servers can carry 32 people, they can only hold 1 person at a time now.

I wish for a 5 Meter cubed block of nonglued, taped, immobilized, or otherwise attached to eachother 10 euro note currency, the currency is authentic, and may not cause harm to anybody, even unable to crush anyone. The money would spawn 2 meters in front of me and at an altitude 1 meter above mine. The money would be unable to be destroyed, and no other changes to the world may occur.
The money may not be inflicted with any type of harmful substance, any substance, magic, or witchcraft. The money may also not have magical effects applied, and may not change the world around it. No auras may be applied to the cash, and even if the could, they wouldnt be able to do anything.

The money would weigh 1 gram per note, and the money would have to fill all the available space in the 5 meter space. The notes obey laws of the universe. And do not possess any bacteria on them.

Granted, but the currency is in a safe.

I wish to not have a wish.

Unfortunately, you didnt say the safe was locked, nor did you specify what type of safe, so i’ll take that as an opened cardboard safe.

As for your wish having no wish, you never stated that other things may occur, therefore, you immediately get teleported to the center of the earth, where you start to sufficate by the the metal core and get crushed by the gravitational field.

I wish for a solid 1x1x1 meter block of diamond in front of me by 2 meters and 1 meter above me. With it having no bad effects, nor it being destrucible, with also having no extra effects on the universe, with it also obeying all laws of the universe. The block of diamond could be turned into smaller fragments only by me, and the diamond being acceptable for trade. (Matter = tradable for other items/currency) it would also have no effects upon being in contact with it, nor any aura. The item would also not be encased in any form of material that isnt currently there. And it would also be unable to harm others, whenever its by crushing someone, or being throwing at someone. The diamond would also fill out the entire 1x1x1 meter square, up to an atom, without melting. The diamond would also be fireproof, and as already stated, would not be able to be destroyed. No harmful bacteria may be present on this object aswell.

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Granted, but you are mind controlled to cut the diamond to dust.

I wish for a blanket.

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You never stated when would i be mind controlled, therefore, that would only happen 3 hours untill the end of the universe.

You obtain your blanket, thing is it is on fire, and it is directly on top of you. It is also coated with Fluoroantimonic acid.

I wish for no external events to happen.

Granted, but something triggered the time of events and therefore, external things happen anyway.

I wish I had an unlimited fast pass for reading both “Lookism” and “Freaking Romance” on Webtoons :smiley:

Granted, Its unlimited, won’t ever run out, sure, but it can only be used during a solar eclipse.

I wish for this wish to not occur.

Granted, but you did not specify what you didn’t want to occur, so your wish brought back the age of Dinosaurs instead.

I wish for a nice, delicious caramel ice cream :cool:

Granted, but on further inspection it’s a fire cream.

I wish for me to be noticed.

Granted, but you only had your 15 minutes of fame, then later forgotten.
I wish I could have all the Cookies 'n Cream flavored sweets in the world!