Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted but their terrible

I wish i was noticed more


Granted, but you were noticed way too much.

I wish I could turn cows into yaks.


Granted but your favourite animal was a cow before it happened

I wish to have a wish someone else decides


Granted but it hurts you emotionally.
I wish I could have my old life back, with everything the way it should be.


Granted but you regret it immediately

I wish they removed the ‘undiscovered’ items for vanilla servers


Granted, but now you’re bored because you don’t have to explore to get them

I wish camels had been added to the game


Granted but unicorns are removed

I wish BH was 17+


Granted but it becomes so dirty that it’s banned in every country.

I wish I had a delicious, cold papa johns pizza right now.


Granted but it is so cold you freeze to death.

I wish I had hot pizza.


Granted but it’s so hot you burn your tongue off.

I wish I had a million dollars with no downside.


Granted but it’s counterfeit money
I wish I had a popular server


Granted but it’s only able to be seen by corruption hackers.
I wish I didnt always run out of milk at the worst time possible


Granted but the milk is always spoiled

I wish I could use tc for credit


Granted but there are no free ads, and tc’s cost triples.


3 dollars
15 dollars
30 dollars
75 dollars

Wow. ._.

You didn’t make a wish soooo…

I wish I could color any item in Bh.


Granted, but they can break, and if they can already break, they break faster.

I wish to be awesome at Piano Tiles 2 and White Tiles.


Granted but noone can know. Not anyone irl, nor anyone who looks at the leaderboard.
I wish Blockheads was less laggy on my android phone, so I could play the game on multiplayer.


Granted, but the game was deleted. (I don’t want this to happen)

I wish for eternal happiness


Granted, but you die because you ignore fear.

I wish for infinite jetpacks and platinum coins.


Granted but you are cloud/IP banned on every server. Past, present, and future.
I wish I could play my ps4 rn.

Im tunning out of wishes :joy: