Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted, but while playing your PS4, it broke.

I wish to be a beta tester in tbh


granted but you arn’t a good one

i wish for a full chalk collection…


Granted but some one breaks a chalk.
Two halves of a chalk is a whole and all of the chalk falls in the hole

I wish I could create the perfect meme


Granted, but it dies after an hour.

I wish I was a meme.


granted now you’re a meme but not in a good way

I wish you didn’t this read wrong.


Granted, but the wish is read wrong

I wish I was singing “Ridin’” music in a flute


granted, as it was already corrupted.
I wish for uhh… I wish for nothing.


Understandable have a great day

I wish for all bad Blockheads servers to be closed


Granted but all the good ones are too
I wish I could go to the avengers infinity war world premiere as a special guest


Granted but I already watched it (I actually did just now) and I spoil it for you


No wish for me to corrupt :confused:


No wish for me to corrupt either.

I wish for:

“Beep beep im a sheep i said beep beep im a sheep.” (asdf movie reference)


There is a sheep but beeps. But the meowing cow runs you over with a Nyah cat skateboard.
I wish for a gnipeeb peehs


Granted but then you die.

(Also you know asdf movie too? !!)

I wish for everyone to learn about asdf movie!!,


Granted but watching them gets boring

I wish some certain apps were removed from the App Store (I won’t name them because that will trigger some people)


they do get removed from the app store, including minecraft, AND your not allowed download anything now.

I wish for a wish that is this wish.


Nooo… : (

Also, granted but you never get any more wishes

I wish something interesting would happen in the forums


granted but the thing that is interesting is a hacker gets into the code and bans everyone from the forum, then deletes the forum .–.

i wish to not have this wish


You’re supposed to corrupt the wish I thought

Granted but N O

I wish the purge was real


maybe ill murder some people…


Granted but your a S.W.A.T person