Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted, but it’s off (otherwise known as blue cheese)

I wish my pants would fall down and not up because they didn’t last time,


Granted but they fall so far down the actually fall up

I wish I could stop/start time


WHY? :cry:

Granted, but you accidentally progress time and you die of old age.

I wish that my pants will fall without them falling up in any way.


Granted but they fall down slightly to the left, causing you to lose balance. You fall over sideways and crash into a pile of paper, you get a paper cut on your right cheek and get a bandage. When you put the bandage on you put it on the left cheek so when you pull it off half of the skin on your faces comes of. You rush to hospital but they’re all full so you go to a cheap plastic surgeon. They put the skin on your left check, you took them to court but you slipped in court and fell on your face. You died

I wish I had a potato


Granted, but it was a image

I wish people would start using Grammarly.


Granted, but they ignore it. (I dont, i use it often.)

I wish to have this wish


Granted, but it was corrupted.

I wish for Grammarly Pro to be free


granted but every -12e+54x3 planck time / 38456e+199 an ad appears (planck time is the smallest measurement of time, which I divide by 38456e199)

I wish I could speed up or freeze time at will for any amount of time without aging, sustaining injury in any possible/impossible way, while being able to function normally with frozen time not affecting me, but others and stop aging completely for the time of time frozen, while stopping aging while time being sped up, me being able to move around freely when time is frozen, being able to peform interactings and anyting that is touched will be unfrozen in time for the time being, me being able to breathe normally and being invincible and know everything for the time being when time is frozen/sped up, and without losing, taking injury, or dying once I snap back into normal time.


Granted, but you’ll die at the age of 27

I wish to be able to have wings appear and disappear at my will.


Granted but they’re ugly

I wish for a chicken nugget powered car


Granted, but it also flies and you run out of fuel and fall 50 feet to your death.

I wish I was a 50 ft tall giant.


granted but you end up being knocked unconcious by an army plane.
i wish i had £100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Granted but a robber kills you and takes the money.

I wish I had a real yak.


granted but it stabs you with its horns.
i wish everyone was happy


granted but you arent

i wish i could make a few people die (not telling you who, id get banned from forums if i did)


Granted, but you’d die too.

I wish I was a yak.


Someone shaved your wool stuff and you freezed to death
I wish I was a rainbow kawaii potato


Granted, but you get eaten.

I wish I was a unicorn, a rainbow one!!!


Granted, but you get killed for rainbow essences.
I wish I get a Blockheads lapis lazuli


Granted but it’s radioactive
I wish I was a titanium ingot with legs arms and a kawaii face XD