Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted, but you are a sphere after five days.

I wish for


But u would die


I wish i would have my own cloud server


Granted but it crashes every 5seconds
I wish I had a jet pack and fuel on my blockheads CUSTOM world.


Granted but u cant wear it


I wish i never die in real life


Let me rephrase that:
I wish I had a jet pack and fuel on my custom world that I can wear.


Granted but it is cursed eternal life


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Thank you :slight_smile:


Granted the jetpack would be out of control


Sprry :wink:


I wish I can bend air


Granted but it kills you… somehow

I wish there was a 100ft chicken being ridden by a caveman


granted but the chiken squishes you.
i wish i could go back in time and kill the makers of fortnite before they made it


Granted but you get stuck in 2013

I wish I killed bloky before he killed the epic game devs


what epic game?
granted but i was your dad and you dont exist.
i wish i can dab


Epic games is the name of the company that made fortnite

Granted but dabbing sucks


fortnite sucks


Your pants fall down because you didn’t make a wish (that’s actually a rule)

I wish you didn’t say that :cry:


you didnt say a wish either so your pants fell down too