Corrupt a wish [game]


granted but it was you and @PufflePuffle eats you
i wish i was a toilet


Granted but I… Let’s no get into further detail

I wish I could un see that


granted but your turn blind
i wish my pants fell down in public


Granted but they see you nakeand laugh at you
I wish having theheroicbh as a rare pet name


Granted but it is impossible to get.

I wish I was a Bonzi Buddy.


Whats a bonzi??


thats double posting…


Animal just see up how much ppl have they already done 99 posts each so i can’t just do 2?


Granted but you are criticised as adware and scourge of internet.
I wish I was Knuckles the Echinda.


Granted but the Uganda meme ruins your life.

I wish I was a country.


Granted but everyone hates u

I wish i would never die


Granted, but you burn for eternity.

I wish that I was a potato.


Granted, but someone decides to make fries out of you.

I wish to be a plant.


Granted, but I burn you.

I wish
would be the new Blockheads logo.


Granted but we all cried until milla changed it
I wish 1.7 was reverted to 1.6.4


Granted, but it turned into 1.6.5.

I wish that 1 + 1 would equal 11.


Granted but it is 2.

I wish I can put a password on my personal folder on a PC.


Granted but u forget it
I wish i can download minecraft and my parents alow me to use real money in ipad lol


Granted but when you download minecraft your iPad exploded

I wish I never got to tired and never have to sleep


Granted but you will be lazy.

I wish nobody insults me anymore