Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted, but it turned into 1.6.5.

I wish that 1 + 1 would equal 11.


Granted but it is 2.

I wish I can put a password on my personal folder on a PC.


Granted but u forget it
I wish i can download minecraft and my parents alow me to use real money in ipad lol


Granted but when you download minecraft your iPad exploded

I wish I never got to tired and never have to sleep


Granted but you will be lazy.

I wish nobody insults me anymore


Granted but you insult yourself

I wish I had a private island


granted but you die of lonelyness
i wish i was a bot that taught you about this site ( @discobot )


Granted, but Milla disables you.

I wish Grammarly would fricking work right for once.


Granted, but it will crash followed by a Windows XP error sound.
I wish I become an obsidian.


Granted, but someone mined you.

I wish that Geometry Dash 2.2 would come faster


granted but every 6 seconds theres an ad.

i wish for something i cant say here because theres little kids on here


Granted but you say it anyways and get banned for life
I wish Angel World was more popular


granted but its full of furries

i wish i could hack anything at any time without getting caught


Granted but you get caught anyways
I wish that I can adopt my bunny Sylvie right now (see more in LPW)


Granted but it dies
I wish it didnt die


granted but it dies before you made that wish

i wish for

one million dollars…

(anyone get that reference??)


I laughed way to hard at this xD

Granted but no one gets the reference

I wish I got the reference


granted, search ‘dr evil one million dollars’ on youtube. i wont corrupt this because im bored.

i wish i had 3 Teslas.


Granted but they don’t invent anything for you

I wish I had 3 Tesla CARS


oof didnt think about that…

umm none of them drive

i wish the forums werent always so kid friendly.