Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted but it becomes full of furries

I wish for a bagel


grabs shotgun im goin huntin early this season!

uhh granted but its infested with ants.

i wish we could stop talking about furries. i really honestly get sick talking about them.


Granted but we start talking about a different weird fandom instead

I wish I knew I different weird fandom xD


one word.

b r o n i e s.


I wish I can stay in an icy house.


granted but it melts

i wish for 999372476694591837893627836328975465723 more wishes


Granted, but they all don’t come true.

I wish for a rat.


granted but it eats your food

i wish i could get anything i wanted


Granted, but you are arrested for being a thief.

I wish I use Cloud Strife’s (INSANELY HUGE) Sword.


Granted but it cuts your head

I wish i i be the richest man of the world


Granted but you die
I wish this wish was corrupted


Granted but then you die

I wish pubg mobile wasn’t so easy


Granted but a PUBG veteran will one shot you using snipers and an army of one shotters.

I wish they made Super Mario RPG: legend of the seven stars’ Croco easier.


Granted but it’s so easy you press any button to comply the game

I wish yes


granted but yes made a friend and became yes and no

I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH for every word the next person types to be weird


Granted, but the f0n7 0f m3 15 typ3d 1n 1337 (font of me typed in leet).

I wish I kill HEAVY in Team Fortress 2.


You did but you got no rewards
I wish that I had forums admin wait no ya admin.


Granted but you cant open your forums
I wish i would never get hungry and never die


Granted but die from obesity.

I wish I build with a copper-iron alloy (ONE OF THE STRONGEST ALLOYS I HAVE EVER SEEN AND HEARD)


granted but it still breaks

i wish i had a robot servant that follows my every command