Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted but no

I wish maybe


Granted but probably
I wish always


Granted but never

I wish Tuesday


granted but wednesday

i wish my pants fell down


Granted but pants fall down

I wish ok


Granted but not ok

I wish I found x


Granted but you lost y

I wish I found z


granted but he ran away

i wish there were more good games on roblox


Granted, but they were all taken down after one day.

(Make my pants fall please)


technically that’s a wish, because you wish it would happen.

Granted but they put themselves back on

I wish everything was orange


Granted red
I wish i could be a star


Granted but you burn out and die

I wish stars didn’t burn out


Grabtes but then the biggest star ever will grow faster and kill the universe itself.

I wish the Sun is still in its current size 4.5 billon years later.


Granted but you died before so.


Granted but your pants fell down

I wish everyone would stop making a second post “reserved” when they never add anything to it


Granted but their topics are flagged/locked.

I wish I was silver.


granted but you get kicked out

i wish 1.7 never happened


granted but its expert mode

i wish we could curse on the forums without getting banned


Granted but it becomes filled with swearing kids

I wish kids didn’t swear


Granted but every kid becomes a mass murderer instead

I wish swearing wasn’t an issue.