Corrupt a wish [game]


granted but being nice is an issue

i wish gn wgn ejg werjgnergjnwerjgnerghbernwghnbwjegbnernjggkwejjngjegnejkgnerlgjwne


Granted but you get banned from the forums for spam

I wish you could spam without getting banned


Granted but mega modding is

I wish more people were on your server


Granted but here all griefers

I wish z=822


granted but everyone disagrees

i wish the purge was real


Granted but you get killed in it.

I wish I was a better soccer player.


Granted but then you kick a stone football.

I wish I instakill Bowser earlygame in Paper Mario.


granted but bowser’s ghost kills you

I wish 1 = 2


Granted but 2 =/= 1

I wish potato


Granted but you get eaten

I wish counterarguement was banned in the forums.


granted but only for -7 seconds

I wish for a wish to wish for a wish that could wish that this wish is corrupted


Granted but probability gives up and the universe explodes.
I wish I could break a BHs World Record!


Granted but no one thinks you’re special

I wish xxxtentacion didn’t die


Granted but then he did using the power of Blockheads Magma.

I wish I was the Travelling Merchant of Terraria.


Granted but you died

I wish you corrupted this wish


granted but i didnt corrupt the wish

i wish 666 was allowed on roblox


Granted but everyone’s name is changed to 666

I wish no one corrupted this wish



this is a sentence


Granted but then turned into a counterarugement word.

I wish Minecraft and Terraria have a censor filter.


Granted but the censor filter only filters the word censor

I wish mango