Corrupt a wish [game]


granted but flaming potatos

i wish to be in the blockheads


Granted but you’re in a dead world

I wish roblox had a better chat filter


Granted but *********************************

I wish the cat fi*ter **uld go away.


Granted but then Soviets take over the world and make a supercountry.
I wish Middle East wasn’t completely a desert.


Granted, but it becomes a complete jungle.

I wish I was the Dryad from Terraria.


Granted, But you can only sell corrupt seeds and be overly edgy.

I wish Jake Paul didn’t exist.


Granted but now there are 100 Logan Pauls

I wish it was taco Tuesday but still on a Friday


Granted but the tacos expired.

I wish :slight_smile:


Granted, but everyone on the forums laughs at your useless comment

I wish Emojis didn’t exist.


granted but they haunt you in your dreams…

i wish fries


Granted but then you get eaten.

I wish for being a Time Crystal.


Granted, but you’re pirated and when 1.7 is out you are forgotten in a free tc server.

I wish I had Super Admin.


Granted but it’s on the forums


Your pants fell down.

I wish for being a Moon.


Granted but an asteroid hits you
I wish I was invisible


Granted, but people begin confusing you with @Tueflisch , and when he did something bad you got banned instead.


Granted but hippityhoppity is found out and banned as well

I wish it was friday


Granted, but now school only ends Saturday.

I wish there was BH for 5mash


is not banned* youre supposed to corrupt it

Reggie, granted, but the quality is horrible
i wish i didnt lose the password for my other roblox account (not the one i made recently, an old one.)


Granted but then you forget it.

I wish ALL OF FORTNITE EMOTES exist in the Blockheads.