Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted but only I have them

I wish all the fortnite skins were in blockheads


granted but ew


Your pants fall down

I wish that wasn’t a rule because people’s pants falling down is getting old


granted but their shirt falls down

i wish ebfwebgweherhjgwjergb was a word


Granted but no one knows about it

I wish for a wish that if I were to wish it that it would wish that this wish would last until my next wish. And that wish would last until the wishiest wish of all wishes was wished


Granted but all of your wishes are misfortune.

I wish I was invincible.


Granted but you kill your self

I wish I had an ironman suit, preferable mark 46


Granted, but marvel sued you.

I wish anime servers died.


granted but blockheads dies

i wish i was good at hacking


Granted but then you are banned from any server including ROP servers.

I wish I was a Majic member.


A granted but you accidentally cloud banned yourself
I wish I wish for a wishing wish wish wisher wishing wish


TheHeroicBH, I’m cloudbanned.

Granted but all the wishes don’t come true

I wish I had more money on Jailbreak


Granted but you have none irl

I wish for more money irl


Granted but someone stabs you and steals your money. :dagger:


Your pants fall down

I wish that there was a Tuesday Mango


Granted but it’s always rotten



Granted and we all lived happily ever after
I wish I was a unicorn


Granted but you’re in the blockheads

I wish I could shape shift


Granted but you can only become one thing which is a wallnut, and one day while your shape shifted someone steps on you

I wish I knew what hippityhoppity was doing right now


Granted, but he now gets <1 minute readtime.

I wish they made Paper Mario very hardcore.