Corrupt a wish [game]


no you dont


Granted but it’s impossible for you, everyone else finds it easy.

I wish for a meme


Granted but it’s a Ugandan knuckles meme

I wish I had all the game passes on roblox


Granted but they consider it hacking and your account then gets deleted.

I wish I become a phoenix.


Granted, but something goes wrong so you cant come back from ur ashes if u die.

I wish to have a life supply of chicken nuggets


Granted but you die from corpulence/obesity.

I wish I have a rainbow and diamond dodos.


Granted but they die before you can breed them.

I wish i could maintain a good server


Granted but you realize it’s a single player


Your pants fall down

i wish x = y


Granted but y =/= x

I wish potato = Mango


Granted, but then Mango = Banana, so because mango = banana, potato equals banana, but then :banana: = :peach: so :potato: = :peach: but then :peach: = :tangerine: so :potato: = :tangerine: but then :tangerine: = :carrot: so :potato: = :carrot: but then :carrot: = :apple: so :potato: = :apple: but then :apple: = :grapes: so :potato: = :grapes: but then :grapes: = :watermelon: so :potato: = :watermelon: but then :watermelon: = mango so :potato: = mango but then mango = banana (etc. it infinitely goes.)

I wish there was a mango emoji


Granted but it looks like this :lemon:

I wish it didn’t look like a lemon


granted but it looked like an eggplant

i wish the flat earth thread would die


Granted but u can still see that thread
I wish my new Mac server would be too popular


Granted but the code breaks and the limit of players is over 9000 and hackers come to ruin the world and no one ever joins

I wish for the last day of school


Granted but you fail at the test then.

I wish AgedSurvival wasn’t having a rule breaker.


Granted but the game gets shuts down
( What test )
I wish for a wish that gets corrupted and wishes for a wish that wished that I could fly


Granted but nothing happens

I wish 1.7 never happened, and my server still had people in it


Granted but only hackers come

I wish for for a meme


Grabted but it is “SnooPINGAS usual, I see?”.

I wish my father did not lash me when using an electronic device.