Corrupt a wish [game]


You’re supposed to corrupt my wish.


I wish club penguin won’t shut down


Granted, but it shuts down a day after.

I wish for my pants to fall down.


Grabted, but they fall down at everone in a radius of approximately 60606060 miles.

I wish Bowsette appeared in a new Paper Mario game.


Granted but she sounds and looks like jar jar binks.

I wish for a pizza


Granted but the pizza was already eaten when it got there.

I wish for a wish so I can wish for another wish.


Granted but someone takes the wish.

I wish some people will join my CPPS.


Granted, but only the least intelligent Club Penguiner joins.

I wish if Java Micro Edition was on iOS and Android.


Granted, but it was only available for a microsecond.



Granted, but it’s a 999999 Decibel earsplitting screech.

I wish for removing Baldi’s Basics from the Internet.


Granted, but there’s a physical version of the game.

I wish for The Blockheads Forums to become secure.


Granted, but for 1 millisecond then hell happens in the forums (hackers killing the forums).

I wish Youtube Poop was less memetic.


Granted, but then YouTube Poo is created and it’s way more memetic than it’s predecessor, YouTube Poop.

I wish for an idea for a wish.


Granted, but the idea is wishing for getting a good degree at Math and then you got an F.

I wish people are less obsessed wih Fortnite (this includes my classroom).


Granted, but… this corruption became corrupted, so your wish stays the same.

I wish fortnite died wasn’t popular at all


Granted, but all players of Fortnite, even noobs of it, moved to Roblox and/or PUBG and/or Granny and/or Baldi’s Basics.

I wish any Super Mario 64 machinima/blooper had no swearing (like in MarioMario54321’s past, current and future videos).


granted but you cant stop swearing.
i wish for a bacon sandwich.


Granted, but it’s heavily poisoned.

I wish I didn’t have to go to dance today.


Granted, but you are put in Either Saudi Arabia, Latin America or Romance-Speaking European locations and you’re forced to respectively dance while doing the bras d’honneur(Hand of Honour in French, also known as the Iberian Slap, which is Bowser’s vitcory emote in Japanese Super Mario RPG) or the dab thing (Saudi Arabia forbade dabbing, which is a a victory emote in Fortnite).

I wish that gaming PC’s are less expensive (Dell sells an Inspiron Gaming desktop with at lest 500$, inexpensive, but a lot inferior to Alienware Aurora Area-51 Threadripper).


Granted but all stores are sold out and you don’t get one.
I wish clothes where illegal.
Btw i don’t care about being naked or laughed at.