Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted, you wished for something so unspecified you now 1 of everything, all stuck inside your house. The cops are now after you for illegal possession of goods, and you get arrested.

I wish that this thread continues.


Granted, but after -666 seconds.

I wish for the Arabic VGA (IBM) font and the Arabic Helv (bitmap Microsoft Sans Serif) do not become the same.


Granted, but they instead turn into weird comic sans and Wingdings ripoffs.

I wish that I could have a single dollar I could use forever, only for 1 dollar purchases each time, and can not be duplicated or grouped together except for 1 dollar purchases.


Granted but you can only use it once every millennia

I wish this post was a black hole


Granted, but it consumes all posts in BH forum existence. This is way to much for it to handle, so it implodes (explodes from the inside out). This causes a mass Blockhead character extinction. Ends the Cenozoic Era of BH.

I wish I could morph into a dinosaur and time travel back and forth between the Quanternary Period of the Cenozoic Era (now), the Triassic Period, the Jurassic Period, and the Cretatious Period of the Mesozoic Era.


Granted but you’re a compsognathus longipes

I wish teen titans go would just END ALREADY


Lol probably the best dinosaur to be picked.

Granted, but they will make another spinoff series but now called Justice League Go

I wish for world peace.


Granted, but World War III happens and people attack with the most dangerous weapons in Earth.

I wish for people to stop making ripoffs of Mario, Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnite, Candy Crush (Saga, Soda, Jelly, Friends) (Those games flooded the Apple App Store and the Google Play Stores, some ripoffs in the playstore may have names automatically translated in your language) etc.


Granted but the original games are taken off the App Store

I wish fijdnvkhnediurwfgflewuiygshf87


Granted, aidjnsidhdnsksxnsjdjdnnssns

I wish that i could explode and implode at the same time


Granted but you die

I wish pewdiepie will win


Granted, but then Pewdiepie ‘s channel is taken off of Youtube forever and his google account is banned.

I wish I coyld morph into a doggo or a catto


Granted, but your dog/cat will poop everywhere.

I wish for the Tseries and PewDiePie war to stop.


Granted but it only stops when the sun explodes.
I wish mr clean never got divorced


Granted, but now he’s super unhappy with his marriage, and it’s really obvious but no one wants to ask him, so they just kind of sit there angrily.

I wish I could have a superhuman/cyborg friend named Carl.


Granted, but some time later he decides he doesn’t want to feel identified as a boy and changes his name to “Carla”.

I wish nothing.


Granted, but since your wish is ultimately nothing, and you wish for nothing, corrupting it makes your wish real, meaning you obtain nothing, ultimately meaning you destroy the universe once more.

I wish for an army of lions that will never depose me, hurt me, or deny my orders. (They’re also dentist-immune, so take that.)


Granted, but then they all die.

I wish to be commissioned by someone who actually knows how commissions work. (Don’t ask. Someone who has no clue how commissions work commissioned me and it was really annoying).


Granted, but they only give you one cent and you spend endless nights on it.

I wish for an army of murder rabbits who ambush people through the means of cuteness.


Granted, but thy will turn into Minecraft/Monty Python Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog and bite you and the humans.

I wish for World War III.