Corrupt a wish [game]


Granted but it’s won by aliens

I wish mom never found the poop sock


Granted, but your dad will soon find it

I wish for time and space to break, ultimately destorying the universe


Granted, but due to the lack of time and space, you forgot about all of the matter that used to take up space, that matter then all collapses in on itself since time and space no longer exists, and ultimately causes another big bang. Due to this, a completely new universe is created; and, due to the fact this universe is new, you essentially just made the universe last longer than it would’ve due to the fact 14 billion years had already passed in the previous universe.

I wish for world peace through the means of mental abuse, physical abuse, murder in all forms, but still allowing for conflict that ultimately leads to a positive resolution with a lack of any permanent or almost-permanent damage.