Corrupt a wish [game]

Granted but it’s won by aliens

I wish mom never found the poop sock

Granted, but your dad will soon find it

I wish for time and space to break, ultimately destorying the universe

Granted, but due to the lack of time and space, you forgot about all of the matter that used to take up space, that matter then all collapses in on itself since time and space no longer exists, and ultimately causes another big bang. Due to this, a completely new universe is created; and, due to the fact this universe is new, you essentially just made the universe last longer than it would’ve due to the fact 14 billion years had already passed in the previous universe.

I wish for world peace through the means of mental abuse, physical abuse, murder in all forms, but still allowing for conflict that ultimately leads to a positive resolution with a lack of any permanent or almost-permanent damage.

Granted, you now live in the Matrix and every human is sleep dreaming there with you.

I wish for a computer immune to hackers

Granted, but since the delivery system is awful it arrives broken.

I wish for my own stand. (JoJo’s reference)

Granted, Aqua is now your stand and is quite useless (Konosuba reference)

I wish for some very comfortable slippers to wear at home

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Granted. You get the most comfortable slippers in the entire world from an artisan shop in Russia. Now, since you didn’t pay for those slippers and instead stole them, an army of Russian assassins now know your location at all times, and are coming to kill you.

I wish that Ckarl was the worlds most common name, and everyone would have it and be very confused.

Granted, but you don’t have it

I wish for a terrible nap

Granted, but you wake up and it was only the dream that was terrible.

Uh… reverse???

I wish for A better phone

Granted, but you have the best phone ever made (it’s also the only one in the world) and people want it so bad that they are willing to kill for it.

I wish for rain that doesn’t cause floods.

Granted, Rain now causes catastrophic Tsunami’s, which inadvertently cause floods.

I wish to be the lord of the Hippies.

Granted, but you go bankrupt because you have no income.

I wish for Portal 3.

granted, but its too laggy, so you its not enjoyable to play

i wish to be a wolf

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Granted, but you will suffer being a symbol of sodomy by the Furries (just like how Anubis became so).

I wish for a GTX 1030 (Strongest GPU that runs on my computer).

Granted, but you get the DDR4 one, not the GDDR5 one. You lose half of its performance (do be careful if you get one though, this is an actual thing).

I wish for a Nintendo Switch.

Granted, Majorly disgruntled Nintendo employees switch your limbs with oddly rusty metal spikes.

I wish for 5 U.S. Dollars with no direct or indirect negative consequences for anyone or anything or any organism excluding Kanye West.

Granted, but Kanye West also gets $5,000,000.

I wish for a gluten free cupcake.

Granted, unfortunately the cupcake was not Bubonic Plague free.

I wish that I had enough space for Blockheads on my phone without negative effects to anything or anyone, and an objective positive effect for everyone excluding Kanye West.

Granted, but the game becomes unplayable due to how less the frames per second are.

I wish for some Marble rocks.