Crank to charge flywheels


Maybe there should be a way to charge a flywheel with a cranking system.

What you’ll need to make this with is:

1 Wood handle (crafted in craft bench with 1 wood)
10 wires
An iron block

Then to crank it you just press the cranker and you’re blockhead will start working.

This item will have ware over time but this will take the time it takes for at least 3 solar panels to charge a flywheel.

If you’re blockhead gets tired then you will not be able to use the thing.

So you like the idea?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I have steam generators and solar panels connected to the fly wheels.

But I guess this is an alright idea to be able bring a little something to manually charge a flywheel, especially when it’s by itself.
Kind of like how I have a power bank to charge my iPhone.

You don’t end up using coal and you don’t have to wait until sunlight, but the energy isn’t free either because your blockhead has to work to make energy


Would be cool if one blockhead can crank it and one can craft


Yeah, you’re right.


Much easier to make than a generator, and appropriately less powerful, since you have to crank it for some time rather than just load it with charcoal.


It just simply not practical enough…in my opinions…


Probably not but if they have enough blockheads, some people can be bothered. Me, no. But I would use this object if it came out


Also a magnet, since that’s how generators work in the real world, usually a stationary bunch of wire (lots and lots of thin wire) and a rotating magnet.