Crash bugs in my s8

So I run a world on my s8 lineage os running in android 8.1.0 and
When I run the game and loaded a world it just crashes I tried again but still having the same problem. It would be nice if you could fix a few bugs for this

Moved to #bugs-glitches-android

This might help if you click the Noodlecake link try to contact him and there’s a note what else you can do he will help you to figure this issue to fix it as soon as possible.

Are you sure contacting him will work?

What else can you do? It would be good to make Noodlecake aware.

Perhaps yes I don’t think if you PM Noodlecake here will give you a fast response or either so it’s a good thing you will direct pm Noodlecake on his owned link so the people had a problem with the device issue in Blockheads will get a fast response from Noodlecake for sure, and they will discuss it there to figure it out.