Crash on launch after creating a server world - There is a fix coming soon


Hi everyone

Today it came to my attention that a nasty bug had been introduced to the cloud, where creating worlds caused The Blockheads to crash. Even worse, it saved an incorrect type of value in the recent worlds list for the newly created world, so that every time you try to open the app from that point on, it also crashes.

Firstly I’m really sorry that this happened, and I apologize if it has meant that you haven’t been able to play. It was caused by changes we are making to the cloud in preparation for the new 1.7 update.

We have already fixed the bug on the cloud, so It is now safe to create server worlds again.

However, if you were one of the unlucky ones who attempted to create a world over the past few days, you will need an update to the Blockheads to stop the crashes.

I am working on an update 1.6.3, to fix this bug, so that the Blockheads app will launch again without you losing any data. I should be able to get that submitted to Apple tomorrow, and Apple should approve that within a few days. I’m unsure yet how this affects Android players, and will be talking with Noodlecake to resolve any issues on Android quickly too.

So if this affects you, you have two options:

  • Wait a few days until 1.6.3 is released or
  • Delete and reinstall the app. You will lose all of your single player progress, and may need to merge your support ID to continue to play in the same cloud worlds.

Any world that was created during this time would have been successfully created, however please feel free to contact support to get your time crystals refunded.

Sorry again for the problems.


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Wasn’t 1.6.2 released last year? (assuming we’re talking iOS)


Just checked. The current version on the App Store is 1.6.2


Yeah then he’ll probably make it 1.6.3. You knew what he meant :wink:


@nothingwhatsoever same thing happens with me, but not with everybody. It’s not meant to happen to us but it does.


Thank you very much Dave! :slight_smile:


Yeah I did, I was responding to @Brer-Rabbit

Glad to hear you’re working on a fix Dave. There are probably a bunch of players outside of the forums very confused about what’s going on.


I’ve just submitted 1.6.3. Now we just need to wait for Apple to review it, which could take a few days. Sorry again to everyone affected.

Time Crystal Piracy Patched With 1.6.3?

You’ve already had 2 mini updates, Dave :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :neutral_face: But I guess that’s one of the only other options other than something that I highly advise against doing. I wonder what kind of changes they made to the cloud :thinking:


That was rather fast.

Or do I just not know how coding and troubleshooting works?


1.6.3 will just be a fix to resolve the crash on launch bug.


The patch is available in the App Store now.


Is it available on Android?