Crashed then bh was at spawn


My bh was over 200 TC away from spawn. My game crashed, and it took me a few tries to get back on. When I came back, that bh was at spawn.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?


Thats so sad xD


That must’ve stunk. :frowning:


If your blockhead somehow gets stuck inside of blocks like it can sometimes happen in a handcar crash, if you leave and come back you will be teleported back to spawn.


I always get stuck in ice due to lag when riding/flying a unicorn lol


This happened to one of our players on Unihorse yesterday too! He wasn’t 200tc away from spawn but he was a fair distance.


I haven’t experienced this yet… mostly because I can’t join a server.
Can this still happen in single player worlds tho?


That blockhead was filling in an area of dirt, so I suppose it thought that he got stuck in a wall.

I don’t know, @ssm03117


I believe whenever your blockhead is in a place they could die (ie underwater) the game sends you back
Idk, whenever I’m underwater though and crash, I end up at spawn


This happend to me in unihorse