Crashing Every 5-10 Minutes


The game has regressed to the point that I can’t even play it. If I try to zoom in or out, it crashes. If I move too far ahead of my character when strip mining, it crashes. If I move from my character underground to the character on the surface, it crashes. If I breathe, it crashes.

I’m sure you get the picture.

Here are the specs:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Android Version 8.0
Samsung Experience 9.0
Game version: 1.7.3 (If there’s a more recent version, it doesn’t exist on Google Play Store)
Storage: External, 64 GB (But I still have these issues when using internal storage)

Could anyone please give me a solution that doesn’t involve uninstalling & reinstalling the game. I’ve rebooted my phone a million times and still have these issues. I have made a lot of progress & I will be devestated if all of that progress goes away because I can’t save the game.

Thanks in advance.


I think it has to do with it being an android device instead of an apple. They’ve been having a ton of glitches with the android app. The crashes stuff not showing up in trade portals chests disappearing… and that’s just what I’ve encountered myself. I have the note 8. Also there is a separate category for Android glitches



Do you experience this on single player, multiplayer, or both?


I only ever play single player. I have two worlds and I experience it in both.


Not as bad on single player. I’ve come to expect the crashes on unihorse but even on there I crash more than anyone else and it takes 2 or 3 tries to get back in. I have tried the trade portals on single player yet.


I have an iPhone 6 an this occasionally happens when I play on Pixmilla or Unihorse. Usually I just live with it or reboot the wifi.


I don’t think they can.


I’d love to live with it but that would first require me to have a game that I can actually play.


This happens on iPad that only crashes on multiplayer.
But I guess Android crashes on both.


android is UNPLAYABLE like it’s on purpose, i just had to get used to it


I’m not getting used to it. I crash every minute.