Crazy project: finding out how many blocks of each there is on a standard size world


I know it has been attempted multiple times in removing every single block on a server/world. But has anyone actually taken note of how much was removed?

Some of the players here know I have a weird obsession of removing everything including dirt!! My warehouse world has literally stacks of chests of most items. I am a hoarder…

On the 20th September 2018 I decided to start a new single player survival world to feed my addiction. I have also decided to record all the blocks, gems, water etc that I have removed. I’ve put it all in an easy to read google sheet for anyone who is interested in my progress

I will continue to update this thread when anything significant happens.

While I’m still digging, I would love to know your thoughts/estimations on how long it would take and how many blocks, water, gems etc you think there is on a standard size world.

@Skeeve fancy giving a guess?


New link to the new world. Started again on a server.


5mil for 1/16 I guess ahaha


This is a 1x world? Yeesh… you will be busy for a while… there’s probably around 8,000,000 blocks to remove. I’d have to do some math to make an accurate guess… later…


Oh yes, standard size world

Currently 21,000 blocks removed for this tiny section


Well, I’m glad you asked!
This thread goes into the calculations for how long it would take:

But as for the distribution of ores, gems, trolls, etc… that’s gonna take some math.

I will say this though: I don’t think it can be done on Single Player 1x size in less than a year, unless you try a 1/16 world size. And even then, doing it in one month would be absolutely impressive.


I take that as a challenge! I will try and aim for one day short of a year to complete :joy::joy:


It can not be done in less than a year? Hehe, we are talking about Georgie :hammer_and_pick:


Well since you doin this in single player world you don’t have to worry about lagging right, so keep up the good work! And by the way this is for curiosity of the oeople wanted to know how many blocks on there and for Blockheads history!


I hope everything goes well!


how bored would one be just to do this :joy:


Some people just do it for fun too.


plays outside


let’s get as many blocks as we can from an infinite Minecraft world before we reach the farlands!!!


Bizarrely I do this for fun and a way to relax. My kids can sometimes get quite stressful. Some mums drink wine to relax, I dig holes :joy:. I’ve always been curious to how many of each there is.


Sense blockheads worlds are randomly generated via the power of ALGORITHMS shouldn’t you theoreticaly be able to mathatally figure that out given the numbers in the code? (And no i dont mean nothing but “1&0s” XD)


It’s only to get a rough idea. Currently it’s just something that hasn’t been done. I know there is another thread where someone has counted all the tc blocks and trolls in the world they created. It would be interesting how close I would get to that.


I like how you included how many tools you have used in the sheet.
Good luck!


Will you be counting sky island blocks also?


Yes. It will be added to the total blocks removed. I’m counting the amount of sky islands there are but not the types aside from gem trees as I think it’s unnecessary :wink:


The normal size of a world is actually 8192000 blocks of size, 16384×500 (the “4x” size meant the 16-bit integer of width times 500, and as for the “16x” option, the 18-bit integer of width times said height).