Crazy project: finding out how many blocks of each there is on a standard size world


It will be interesting to find out how many blocks are in that space.


I am actually the same I also try to mine and store absolutely everything,I thought I was the only one


Yay! Another storage buddy.

Fun fact about me. I have 94 chests of ice! No clue in what I would ever do with all that Ice. I cannot stomach the thought of dropping it down to lava


Well Good luck G!
Your goal will be to completely fill approximately 10-13 chests per day.
(That’s between 15,840 and 20,592 blocks per day)

If you can mine at a rate of 1 block per second, this is achievable.
But, it requires 5-6 hours time commitment per day, and I’m not really sure if 1 block per second is really sustainable for that long.

Anyway - I will grant you 2 years. If you do this in 2 years, I will grant you the Title of Honorary Empress on SGE. (Empress of what, I’m not sure… but I’m sure someone will come up with a clever title!)


Omg @Ge0rgie you guys should start a haorders thread showing people your storage mass :joy:


That is quite a goal. Couldn’t have the energy to do that :joy:
You do you boo :+1:


I’m currently aiming for 20,000 blocks a day. Although some days I will have more time than others. So far Ive removed nearly 80,000 blocks/water in the past 3 days.


Dad gum that’s impressive! It is nice on SP though, no interruptions, no lag. Albeit slightly lonely.

Oh by the way - I am finding Expert Mode to be awesome for removing water.
The fact that partial buckets = zero is a huge boon for water removal.


When you’re done you should sell everything to a tp and see how much money you get xD


After you finish one thing is gonna happen…
trade market breaks


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