Crazy project: finding out how many blocks of each there is on a standard size world


Latest update:

I’ve finally removed a monster of an ocean! Playing on an iPhone it’s the size of 2 and a half fullly zoomed out view. Luckily it’s at the North Pole, So it’s all full of ice. However it’s so large that the other end constantly melts. It’s taken me the best part of a week and it’s just under 100,000 ice blocks removed which is 63 chests!

Just a section of the ocean I’ve removed

I haven’t been removing much as I stupidly decided to play one of the games that keeps popping up in the adverts. I’m currently averaging at 10 chests removed a day


Nice work Georgie :slight_smile:️ Your tempting me to check out my old mining world!
I’m guilty of other game ads catching my eye! Which game caught your attention :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Rise of civilisations got me. Kinda glued to it :joy:


Soo…I’ve been kinda distracted with a few other games to do this project for the past few weeks. However I’ve gotten those out of my system and have gotten back to this with great gusto!

Over 400,000 blocks removed so far.

Over 250 chests, filled with goodies.

57 gems found so far.

2 accidental deaths :grimacing::grimacing:

For an in depth look at what I’ve removed so far is found on the google sheets link in the OP


First time I’ve ever found a troll that has been naturally trapped!




Turns out, trolls don’t survive a fall from sea level down to lava. R.I.P Womble


Sad news today.

The single player world is now lost due to a glitch. It converted to an expert server.

Maybe one day when I’m bored again I’ll attempt it.


Oh no! If you’d like a cloud world for this experiment let me know.


Awwwwwwwwwwe! 🥺


That sounds like a fab idea!! It certainly would avoid this glitch from happening again.


Great News!

Thanks to the kind donation from Milla. I now have a server to continue this experiment. Hopefully there will be no more glitches.

Its taken 2 days to get a diamond on this server.

This is the new link for the stats. Which I will add to the OP


Awesome! I realize there’s a section for accidental deaths…how often does that happen? :thinking:


Usually if I’m mining down lava and I don’t pay attention to my health. Same with emptying an ocean. Or my personal favourite is when they mine the block below themselves without jumping to the next block and they plummet to their death


It’s been nearly 2 weeks so I thought a little update would be nice.

This was the amount of caves I explored until I found all the gems to upgrade the portal. Once I got my portal chest the fun begins!

So far I’ve only mined this much out

This tiny lake turned out to be much deeper than I thought :sweat_smile:

And the first pole I reached!