Create a stories subcategory for the forums


It would be nice if on this forums there could be a stories category in off-topic and pictures. Being off-topic for non-blockheads stories and pictures or general discussion being for blockheads stories.

Or just one subcategory in off-topic for all stories. It would be great for what I have planned for the future. :slight_smile:


How many active story threads are there right now?


Not sure. But it would be nice albeit probably not necessary at this time.


A few I think. Wouldn’t do any harm to make a stories subcategory in #off-topic anyways.


About 20, but those are very old stories I think.


More than 20.


Active. Now.

Even 20 doesn’t justify a dedicated forum, but I doubt there are as many being actively posted to by the author right now.


I think it is pretty clear that there isn’t a need here.

In the past month there have been <40 active #off-topic threads… not even looking at which ones are stories, certainly far less than half.


Eh, it was worth a try.