Create a world for someone



Ok. So you can create servers for yourself. What if…
You could create servers for someone else?
You create the world, but they are owner. You get admin.
Step 1: Creating the world
Create the world as normal at the end it will ask if you want to create it for yourself or for another person. You would type the name of the person.
Step 2: Accepting the request
It will send a server request to that person, asking if they accept ownership. If online, a pop-up will appear. If offline, it will show a pop-up the next time they are online.
Rejected request or time limit ran out
A request has a 1 week time limit before it expires. When it expires, the money is refunded to the creator. Same thing happens if request is rejected
Over all this could stop people saying ‘can you make a server for me?’ On worlds. Also can help to start off a friend.


You can ask milla to transfer ownership of a world…


That’s slightly more time consuming, no?


The refund aspect wouldn’t be possible. Ownership would have to devolve to the purchaser.


Actually I wanted to do this for a friend before. Because he was just a student.

But it really doesn’t take much to pay for a server, it’s just that because I’m the one working, I now help pay to keep his server open. It was a lot of work to make it a nice looking place.