Create desktop icon for forums

This topic is for all your life hacks!

Forum life hack:
How to make a app for this forum!
#1Go to the forums on Safari and click the share button (This is for iPhone don’t think it’s works for android)

#2 Click “add to home screen”

#3 Name your app and click add!

#4 And this is how it should look like!


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Well I meant for this so people could share useful life hacks but ok?

Isn’t that just a link which sends you to the browser?

It’s appears kind of like an app:

You’re probably better off using something like Fig or the Discourse Hub app.

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Well this doesn’t take up space I think it doesn’t show up in iPhone storage

Neither of the apps I mentioned take up more than 10 megabytes of storage.

I don’t think you get the point of the hack. It isn’t supposed to be fancy or anything, it’s just easy way to make a shortcut on your Home Screen that takes you directly to the forum.

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The forums is configured to be “Web App Capable.” Basically all this does is takes the forums website and puts it in an App window and gives it it’s own App icon and title. So basically you’re just looking at a stripped down version of Safari that only shows the forums site. It will still apply rules from Content Blockers. But yes, otherwise that just puts a link that sends you directly to Safari.

Incase anyone is interested, Apple has some legacy documentation on Configuring Web Apps (you may have to to minimize the table of contents list when you visit the site).

I’m fairly sure it has to be storing data somewhere. The normal forums website does:

Also, you are able to clear the cache of web apps when you press the “Clear History and Website Data” button in Safari’s settings page. However, despite there being web apps having somewhat of a connection to Safari, when you use just the web app version of the forums, it doesn’t appear to show any data being stored in Safari’s Website Data page in Settings. But even after you clear Safari’s history and website data, it seems to keep you logged into the forums site.

So in summary, it has to be storing data somewhere. Otherwise it couldn’t keep you logged in and it would forget the app icon and title. But I don’t know where it is technically storing it or how you find out how much data it is storing. Either way, I highly doubt it’s a very considerable amount of space being used. :slight_smile:

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I thought that was only the case in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge?

I do get the point of it. There are just better “hacks” already out there.

Well it works as a web app somehow. Interestingly enough, I copied the entire page source into a local web server and when I added the (local) site as a bookmark on my iPad, it just opened Safari. They must be using an external resource, such as a script, to make this work instead of putting it in a <meta> tag as I am used to doing.

Also, the terms “PWA” (Progressive Web Application) and Web App seem to have slightly different meanings to different people. For example, gives a list of the differences between PWAs and regular Web Apps, such as Web Apps not supporting push notifications . However, this article on calls a Web App on iOS a PWA, despite it also saying that the limitation for iOS is that it doesn’t support push notifications. One thing I have heard that I’ve found to be the most consistent is that Apple calls them “Web Apps,” and Google calls them “Progressive Web Apps.” Regardless, you’ll most likely just hear any web app be called a PWA.

Interesting thoughts and questions though. I learned a lot just from testing and researching for these two posts. :slight_smile:

My point is that it isn’t the same thing as doing this (an example of a PWA).
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 3.14.42 PM

This makes it so much easier to get to the forums, thanks.


No, you’re right. Apple’s way of using Web Apps is not the same as other browsers.

Ah, okay. :slight_smile:

Regardless, I still prefer alternative solutions.

Yea, everyone has their own preference. For stack exchange sites, I actually like using their website better than the app.

I haven’t actually used it, but the Discord Hub app actually looks very similar to just being in the Safari browser.

Yes, it is partially a web wrapper, but I would give it a spin if you’re curious.

On the other hand, you have Fig.

Lol I do this for everything on my android hehe