Create Eggs in a Press

I’ve been playing on Sky Survival recently, a server that heavily relies on breeding dodos for resources, and it got me thinking: it would be nice to be able to make eggs out of a resource to skip ahead in the taming tree, or even just if you lost your eggs of a certain type.

To make sure it isn’t too over-powered, I think it could be done in an electric press with 5 of a resource (the block type, ore, etc) and a regular egg to press into an egg of a specific type. For example: press 5 iron ore and an egg to make an iron egg.

I don’t have any confidence that this will be added since there are no plans for an update, but it’s still nice to think of these suggestions.


Personally, I think it should require 10 of a resource.

Sometimes I kick myself for not putting my idea of a science lab crafting surface. Things like making eggs would fit it perfectly.