Create npc

npc can be cool they can be found on ice area or grassland they have house you can trade with them using copper coins like iron sword for 20 copper coins the house they live are woods and have a chest and a bed and at night they slept and the ice biomes there house are igloo


What would those NPCs be called? What would they look like?

They will have the same avatar as a player and they will be called as random name like ash etc

Maybe their appearance should be randomly generated so that it doesn’t look too similar to the player.

Yep that what i meant!

Ah, okay. I see now! :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: yeh

Kind of like villagers, nice.

Yeah npcs if they get added will be very nice

Technically the animals are already npcs

They certainly don’t look alike though! :wink:

What does NFT mean?

Agreed, they are already NPCs.

It stands for

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