Create the most disgusting food ever!


top it with the wart of a toad, three slimy forest mushrooms, haggis blended with milk, raw eggs,


Add some water


Don’t forget curry powder!


A pinch of yeti hair.


A combination of EVERYTHING ELSE!



Slimy prime meat


And Honey Mustard left out for 5 months mixed with glue.


Then add a bunch of 2,000-year-old gummy worms that dont look like gummy worms because they are so covered with mold.


Some poop and pee like u are putting chocolate and orange jucie


Add some petroleum (like you’re putting soy sauce) as a sauce of chicken nuggets that are aged over 9000 years old (SO YOU CAN DIP OLD CHICKEN ON A BLACK LIQIUD!!!)


add some moldy ice cream


i get the whole thing and microwave it.


Serve it to Gordon Ramsay and put some more pepper on it.


-Gordon Ramsay