Creating your own block


I was thinking. Don’t you think that the same old blocks get kinda boring (no offense)? Well, maybe there could be a new bench called the Block Bench. You could make a block by choosing an existing block and editing it to the way you like. Like, maybe you want the block to glow? Or make it shine like platinum? The bench would be rainbow colored, each color with a different block texture. What do you guys think?
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Well, there are paint benches tho


True, but you can only change the color of the block that way. Not the texture.


like diamond sand that was as tough as titanium


Would it be free? How would it determine what is required to craft the block?


You can paint blocks to make them how they look.

I like this suggestion. Very creative!


Remember when I did they would choose an original block to edit? It would cost that amount, but extra money, depending on how much and how you edit it. Edit: when I said “cost” I meant in platinum, gold, or copper coins. The cost will be included in the things needed for crafting

Thank you! I’ll keep your reply in mind!


This would lag servers


Yes, you would be able to change the color and texture of a block, while still maintaining it’s durability

To @EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ How? Unless someone makes a large amount of them (which is a common mishap) and drops them, I don’t see why.


do we really need it. Soon kids are going to make spams of rainbow blocks and stripe blocks. And we have a wide variety of block textures that can resemble hundreds of things, infact we can paint them in over 30 colors ( idk mabye less)

this option can also turn out to kick all the regular blocks out of the window

wait a minute
i should make a forums game out of this!


This is just an idea. Please don’t take offense. I do not mean to “kick out the original blocks”
Thank you for your feedback.

@Brer-Rabbit , that’s a great idea.


Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone is offended.

Anyway, this would be sort of cool, but I do think it should have where if you wanted it to shine, you would need a gem, and the like. To make it harder.


How cool would it be to be added as a custom feature? There will be an option to ‘edit’ block textures or add in a texture from your photo library.

It can be a late game changer when you have made a certain achievement like opening everything or have upgraded all your benches in at least one of your worlds. Or found/crafted everything at least once.

You can use a texture pack or edit the textures yourself.


Btw that bench would cost 30 tc and to make or edit one block it cost 5 tc


This would make getting into servers much slower and cause lag. Game would have to analyze each block to name the texture. Each. Single. Block.


More like each block type. I think they are thinking along the lines of editing their texture pack of the blocks that player will see.


I like it just as much as you do!


same for coloured blocks.


Hmm. Patterned blocks would be nice, but I think if you wanted a specific texture and colour of a block - for example, a shiny white one - you could just get a platinum block and paint it white. You can paint luminous plaster to get a whole range of coloured blocks that glow. I think if it provided a feature of ‘editing’ blocks that we can’t already do, it would be a good addition. If not, it seems kind of redundant.


Creating own blocks make the game easy as just dave made it hard with expert mode and discovery thing