Creative ideas

Soooooo, post some creative ideas for future updates on here if you want. Here’s some ideas from me:
Unicorn horn
Battery (for jetpacks,elevators, etc.)
Torches make dim light a little brighter than a sunflower while your holding them as well as oil lamps, steel lamps, and ice torches (brightness depends on how bright they are on a wall)
Baby cave trolls
Calm cages [(10 ice, 10 compost, and 1 cage)used for capturing untamed scorpions and dropbears as well as cave trolls]
Use gold ingots to tame cave trolls
Instead of North Pole hat of warmth have a North Pole TUNIC of warmth(could use it in on a crafting bench and fuse it with a jetpack cuz everyone knows that’s how Santa gets around)
Reinforced bucket [(5 carbon fiber, 10 steel ingots, and 3 titanium ingots)for getting lava]
Volcanos (so you can get to lava without going to the center of the earth or get to the center of the earth without having to either dig there or travel a cave or two there)
Battery-operated stuff like jetpacks and elevators
Tc tree (there is 1 in each world and make 1 tc every day)
Gem tree seeds (can only get on custom rules and come only from gem trees)
Tulip section on the trade portal and tulip bulbs are separated by color as well as seeds
Spears for all sections on the tool bench and spears unlike swords can hit from up to 3 blocks away
Bosses (defeat them for a reward. Example:defeat a cave troll boss to get a tamed cave troll, gold coins,a tp, ice torches, bones, etc.)
PVP signs (reverse pvp rules in the designated area kinda like a golden sign so make these iron signs)
Watering can (to make plants grow faster along with-)
Fertilizer (yes I cut that other sentence cuz this is a new item)
Lightning during a rain storm sometimes
For singular worlds buy double-time with tc
Raindeer (found at the North Pole and/or can be bred through-)
Deer (yep cut off the sentence)
Tulip paint/pigments (tulip bulbs in a press make a random color of pigment)
Permafrost and permafrost armor (never melts and the armor lets you go to the center of the earth and not die)
Polar dropbears
Arctic dodo (just a white dodo that has a higher chance of being a ice, permafrost, or gem/precious metal dodo)
Rainbow gem [higher that diamond; has the value of every gem combined (practically solid rainbow essence)can also be used at a rainbow tier portal (200 tc and a rainbow gem duh) to make rainbow tools
More gem tools
Setting to make energy higher or lower
Ok that’s it your saved ppl
Also feel free to post anything creative on here like builds and pixel art
Okay I have not played blockheads for a while and I have a new suggestion. Also I’m I’m typing this in a hospital bed :frowning:
Since you can buy fish buckets from the trade portal why can’t we buy animal cages?
Growth powder:feed this to a baby animal to make them instantly grow up
Tame powder:use this to insta-tame a specific type of animal depending on the type of powder.
Infinite battery: used on jetpacks and other powered things to infinitely power them without the need to refill them.

Isn’t that what the entire #suggestions category is for?

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Cool ideas. Though the reason I like hat of warmth more than tunic of warmth is because jetpack acts as a shirt. Hat of warmth is like the only reason you can fly some places without chilies lol

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Eh… true…

I only made this post cuz: 1.i wanted to make a post 2. This has no specific theme except suggestions

Don’t make posts for the sake of making posts lol, also combine replies!

Now read the post I changed it-------everyone knows Santa gets around with a jetpack XD

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What would be cool is like an “enchanter’s bench” where you can destroy special items and add their “special effect” to normal crafted items. Like if you destroy the hat of warmth and apply the enchantment to an iron sword, the sword burns with the warmth of the majic hat. Or applying the enchantment to normal clothes makes the clothes as warm as the hat once was

Oooooo good idea

You might want to take a look at this topic.



The about thread on this category has the guidelines for posting. If you wish your suggestions to get official consideration they should each have their own thread, but if you aren’t fussed about that, which is mostly the case these days, then you can do a wishlist thread, with all the stuff you’d like to see added, that we ignore.

Because it’s increasingly unlikely that the game will get content updates in future, wishlists are the easiest way to share your thoughts.


You could fuse the tunic and jetpack.

I changed the title to a collection of different ideas so people know that it’s not just one idea.