Creative mode for 2D

In Minecraft, there is a creative mode where you have everything available to you and infinite health. I would like if you added this to Blockheads because I like to build things and in survival, even with custom rules, you still have limited recourses. The only place I can get any blocks I want is on multiplayer worlds with trade portals. And even then, there are limits. You can’t build to much, otherwise it’s not fair to other people, and you can’t build with natural blocks like wood and leaves. Also, it is way easier to build when you have the ability to fly. Jetpacks are a pain to make and then you have to make fuel.

The best way to accomplish this as of right now is to create a custom world with the trade portals set to free (or whatever the setting is called), and then change the items you spawn with to: 5 of each type of gem, at least 6? stone and like a stack of platinum coins (you don’t need 99 but it’s better to be safe). Given that you have enough time crystals, you can then use a workbench to create a portal, and use that in the spawn portal to create a trade portal. Then use the gems to fully upgrade the trade portal, thus allowing you to have unlimited resources.


That isn’t true creative mode though.

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The best way to accomplish this as of right now

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Dude I was just reiterating that what I posted is the closest you can get to creative mode, since there is currently no creative mode. I know there’s limits and that it’s not true creative mode, my guy.

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Yes, you already said that.

Why do you bother arguing?

Arguing? :question:

Yeah, you are being antagonistic in a persistent manner.

With respect to the suggestion, Dave preferred to create custom worlds over creative mode, because it was useful to more people, allowing them to create really challenging, absorbing or incredibly easy, creative worlds.