Credit Cards, ATMs, etc


I could find a suggestion for this. If there is one, please link me to it. And also, remember to rate the thread, don’t post only to say you dis/like the idea.

The first thing to be added here is an ATM. I know it was discussed elsewhere, but stuff would need to be different for my idea(s). Basically, an ATM would be used to store coins across worlds. They would work similar to Portal Chests but they can only move coins, and can be accessed by anyone. This would not only allow people to move coins around a lot more easily, but would also allow people to have coins sooner to when they warp in, which would greatly help with the problem of warping into a server and no being able to buy anything, which I know a lot of servers had appreciated (having starter packs sold no longer works, unless someone gives every newbie one.
ATMs need powered to be used, but since they have flywheels in them they can store some electricity. They use about half as much electricity per second as an electric kiln or stove.
Also, you can add coins to an ATM or money from a credit card to add money to your ATM amount (which can contain around one million gold coins, maybe?), and you can craft coins out of ingots at an ATM, but not coins INTO ingots. And it would be faster to do so than at a furnace.
To craft them you would need 1 flywheel, 1 Credit Card (below), 1 gold coin, 15 copper wires, and 1 cabinet. It would be crafted at a workbench level 3.

Credit Cards
Store all the money you need in just one inv. slot!
Basically, a credit card is another way to hold money, although slightly differently. After you make one, you’d have to go to an ATM to “charge” the credit card with money (that way you can’t accidentally spend all your money). You could give the credit card up to 5000 gold coins worth per credit card. The credit cards name (like when you tap it in the inventory) would be "Credit Card: X€, Y¥) (€=gold coin, ¥=copper coin, check it in a sign) it would have a copper coin or gold coin symbol instead of €/¥ though. And X and Y would be actual numbers of how much money the credit card contains.
It would be crafted with 1 iron ingot, 1 black glass, and 10 gold coins. And perhaps a magnet.

I’ll add more if I’m forgetting something… Like I did. Added that ATMs need power.

And as a side note, we should be able to limit the amount of things each person can buy per shop (say, I’m selling shelves with secret items in them and I don’t want one person to buy them all, I could limit the amount of shelves each person can buy to one or two if I wanted).


I like it. It is very hard to get started as a noob, and now coins are hfrder to get.
It would fit in with technology… :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you know how long I had to wait for 1.4 to be officially released to be able to suggest this?


What the hell this is way to complex

Plus you can use portal chests instead with coins lol


It’s not that complex.
You can make credit cards and ATMs to store and move money. Very simple. You don’t need to say it sucks because you don’t feel like reading it all.

I know you can use portal chests with coins… But if you READ THE POST you would know what I said about that. I specifically mentioned why we could use this as a better alternative.


I really like this idea
but maybe you need a portal like the portal chest to make it seen as it uses the same type of thing with coins.
because it is a bit wierd if you can portal stuff by a portal chest for lots of stuff, and portal coins between worlds for less…


Ah, but coins are imprtant for noobs…


And it’s more Technology than Majic, right?


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PandaGirl, it’s more Technology than Majic, right? So it would probably not… but it might.


I love this idea :slight_smile:


Thanks. Now please read the very first paragraph.


A bigger scope on the effects of this: server economy. It used to be nonexistent, but with this, BOOM, coins are tossed everywhere for profit.


Omg sry i skiped the first sentance,


…nonexistent? Rather… Highly inflated. This would be a much easier way to do it, as coins are still unable to warp in but pretty dang hard for noobs to get. Also, this is cheaper than a portal chest, and can be used for many more coins… And easier spending with credit cards!

If I misunderstood your post, please let me know…:slight_smile:


I was literally thinking about ways to implement atm’s 4 days ago! This would be a great idea! I hate how you can have a bunch of money on one server, but loose it all once u reach another. Great take on the credit cards btw.


Heh, no biggie.

Great minds think alike! Lol. And yes, so do I. (And when my server broke, I lost all my, what 15 chests of gold coins!?)
And thanks… (Did you rate the thread?)


Forgot. I will now though!


Hehe, thanks!
I’m so bored. But I don’t want to start up my server…


Well… Play a server dave may be on and ask him to make atms?