Credit, money :( and my world

I just really don’t know how I feel about this new credit :-/ I really like my world and I have made a bunch of memories there I found lots of friends that helped me in that world (they all left I think and I still just keep searching for them :frowning: ) and now I can’t play on my world without paying money :frowning: anyway more world is called Lego by Lego VIP if you want to join. The town I have been building is still not done and it will probably never be finished because of credit :frowning: but yeah. Just comment how you feel about credit now in the comments so yeah. If you join just tell me if you are from the forums and what your username in the forums is so yeah and I won’t be at my world for long time because I am going to have to go soon so actually if you could just come on my world in about an hour and a half if you can. THE END.


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