Criticism of how milla conducts herself - from ChCh terror attack thread


Oh I thought you meant the fact Milla posted this on a games forum where discussion of religion and politics isn’t allowed because she’s from NZ…


It’s a bit of an experiment, because I’m knowledgeable enough to be able to effectively moderate sociopolitical discussion on this particular subject. Discussion of religion is still not permitted.


Yeah at first sight that would be a total normal thing to do in a forum, of course, that’s a good advance!

Still, using the deaths ans injuries of many people as a purposeless social experiment thought by you is… how do I say this…


No, it’s not a purposeless experiment by me. It’s seeing how this community conducts itself when discussing sensitive issues.


But what will be its product?
And who made the topic on the first place?
That means you’re the one planning how to conduct more experiments like this.


It’s product may be a change to the rules of the community.

I did, for providing information on an ongoing and unprecedented attack on the country Dave, Emma, asyc, and I live in.

I regularly try things out. The reason duping discussion is permitted again is a similar experiment last year.

What is your problem with all of this? Do you think all rules should be set in stone, and never reviewed? Do you think nothing about our community ever changes, and as such it’s inevitable that such experiments will result in no change? Please do explain to me, why you are having a go at my actions and motives like this. I’m genuinely interested.


You just proved you were the one making the experiment, contradicting your previous comment, of course that the change is a rule to community rules, but I say it’s pointless because we’ve discussed of “sensitive” subjects before.

And, in fact, I don’t have a problem with this, as I said before:

I’m just sharing my point of view about the situation, which is clearly allowed here.
(Or at least, it should)

If you think I got a problem with your ideas, then that’s not my business, and there’s nothing I can do in that case, You were the one that chose to reply to my first comment about this.


I responded initially, because you were saying the subject isn’t worth discussing. That was dismissive, and, to someone from NZ, offensive, so I replied.

The idea of this community is to discuss things with respect and courtesy. You have shown none of the former. Please consider before posting again.


Could you quote what was disrespectful? I’m curious.


No, you’ll have to read the post above yours to find out.


Okay, sure.


If we can amend the constitution then we can “amend” and change our rules…


Sounds good.
Still, in the constitution it happens after a certain problem happens various times, not just because the government decides it.
(Or at least that’s how I know it) ;p


Milla, essentially acting owner of these forums, can do as she wishes with the rules.

She wants to see if we can properly conduct ourselves in discussing such things, and possibly change up the rules a little bit.

The forums at this point in time is slowly “dying” as others say, so maybe this new change in the rules could maintain some more discussion — at least for long enough until after Sapiens releases.


Don’t you think that’s a problem?

But yeah, I think that you got tricked in some way.
It’s not how we “conduct ourselves”, in the situation, the rule of discussing about sensitive themes, politics, and religion is there for a reason, because somebody might end up being harmed, or sensible, even if nobody does anything.
Let’s say anybody here is a muslim, and gets insulted by the topic, who’s fault would it be?
That’s right, and what would we do about it?


Which is exactly why some users were reprimanded for talking about Islam…

Also why would it be a problem that she allows this one topic? So far, it isn’t hurting anyone. This was a horrifying event that should be acknowledged. You shouldn’t really hide from the truth, but m’kay.


Dude, think more about your arguments, if I would be hiding from the truth I wouldn’t have posted here, would I?


:joy::joy: @OBITOWANKENOBI @WumboJumbo you two are being particularly pretty and spiteful today.

I am pretty sure there is a rule in which we do not openly criticize members of this community. I particularly and sure others in the community would appreciate if you would change the name of the thread as it is simply a smear campaign for click bait. I know one of you is going to say something like- well if Milla can break the religion talk wall then so can I. No, you can’t. You are not a forums Admin. You are trying to highlight that there is a difference in what the admin are allowed to do and that is true. (same as in the game)

I seriously read and considered your points but right now, truly you guys are coming across as using a truly horrific incident as a means to attack Milla. You two are both better than this. When awful and scary things happen in this world it is natural for people to want to come together and speak of it. The forums for many people is a safe space and if the topic helped even one person to feel comforted then I would say the “experiment” was a success. You two had no such issue when duping talk was allowed back so why are you getting so worked up over this? Have some perspective and chill out.


I have just read the other thread which I didn’t know existed until this spin-off appeared in the meta subforum. I have to say I agree with Obi’s point. Not with his motives and his tasteless comments though, but with the point: keep religious and political controversies out of a game forum. Reading the discussion in that other thread, I was disgusted to see the opinion of someone I considered a good BH friend until now.
I try to get along with a lot of players from all over the world. Chances are that some (or a lot) of them have opinions on politics and religion that I do not agree with and find offensive. So I do not want to hear them!
That is exactly the reason why it should be banned!

Posting in this thread, I should probably explain that I am not attacking milla here. Just giving my opinion. She has every right to moderate the forum in whatever way she thinks is best. And she explained her valid reasons.


I remind you Milla made the thread herself, moving posts from another thread, and she chose that title.
Clickbait? Then don’t even post here if you don’t want to.
I agree with the last statement tho, because I said it before, Milla can break the ruies, and modify them at her will, without asking before.

If you have anything against my point of view then you can discuss about it on a PM if you want it that way.