Crossbows in game


The crossbow is a stronger version of the current bows, there could be 2 types, normal and poison. Different than the normal bow it would take a crossbow bolt to make sure it is not too powerful. It could deal 1/2 health without armor but take 5 seconds to reload. Crafting works like this,
•Crossbow: 2 steel, 3 string
•Crossbow bolt: 2 iron
•Poison crossbow: 2 poison, 3 steel, 3 string
Poison bolt: 1 poison, 2 iron
The purpose of these is to add a new weapon that is in the middle of the bows. The crossbow would be at lvl 4 and the poison crossbow would be max. Poison crossbow deals all of a unarmored persons health, plus poison damage over time.


Doesnt poison not do poison damage?


nice idea i think it should be added bows start to be lame they are weak and we need stronger stuff


The original poison bow does no poison damage, the crossbow would. It’s more porwerful and does poison damage and is increadebly late game


I think poison makes it so that you take more damage when youve been attacked by it


No the point would be that it would deal constant damage instead of, like you said, more damage. That’s what poison is.

Well as I’ve seen before, it’s a rated 4+ game and the devs don’t want to ruin it. Plus, how would you get a rifle to work


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Poison’s effect is to inflict certain effects (or harm) after some time.
Basically the constant damage effect could be more like “Bleeding” or stuff like that, but there isn’t anything exact at all.


I say we get the Devs to add the nyan cat gun from GMod


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It was a joke…